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Since the adoption of the Nagoya Protocol, the use of genetic resources and access and benefit sharing (‘ABS') obligations related thereto have grown rapidly in importance. They emerge as a new area of legal, regulatory and administrative requirements.


ABS-int is dedicated to helping organizations comply with these requirements. As a service provider our aim is to unlock the utilization of genetic resources for your research and development.


Our multi-disciplinary team consists of professionals with different backgrounds, including science, law and regulatory. These professionals have years of experience in providing advice to national and international companies and institutions, including in the fields of sustainable resources management, biodiscovery, biosafety regulations, stewardship, environmental law and intellectual property law.

Connected through our network of professionals, we can cover the international dimension that is inherent to the ABS framework.

New ABS training workshop: 14 February 2017 - Leuven, Belgium

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