Contracts are essential instruments in the process of ensuring compliant access and use of genetic resources.


Prior to securing access to a genetic resource, a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) will be entered into, setting out the conditions of the Prior Informed Consent (PIC), in case required, and the use conditions of the genetic resource. In addition, the benefit sharing obligations will be often included in a separate contract, defining the Mutually Agreed Terms (MAT).


Contracts define the conditions as agreed upon. As such, contracts provide for legal certainty. In addition, they create instruments to substantiate compliance with the relevant legal obligations. In case of disagreement or non-compliance, they also provide for the tools to define responsibility.


ABS-int can assist you in drafting and negotiating all relevant contracts needed in the process of accessing and using genetic resources. Collaborating with legal experts in different jurisdictions, we cover the broad territorial scope required for this matter.