The Nagoya Protocol and regional or national ABS rules generated a complex regulatory framework. As of the moment of access of a genetic resource up to the moment of commercialization of a product, measures will need to be taken to ensure compliance with all legal obligations. In the different steps of the research and development process, different rules apply.


The ABS-int team has an in depth knowledge of the research and development process in different sectors, involving the use of genetic resources. We will further closely work with you to ensure that our advice is fully tailored to your sector and your specific activities with genetic resources.


ABS-int has years of sector specific legal and regulatory expertise. We can provide you with legal and regulatory advice on all relevant rules and regulations to ensure compliant use of genetic resources. ABS-int also has access to experts in different jurisdictions to provide you with legal assistance, adapted to your specific situation.


By combining relevant scientific knowledge with regulatory and legal expertise, ABS-int provides practical advice to ensure compliant use of genetic resources in your organization.