In an organisation that deals with natural product research, every staff member engaged with related activities should be familiar with fundamental ABS concepts and how to obtain related documents to ensure ABS compliance. In order to attain the need of efficient staff training, ABS-int’s team of experts have developed an e-learning platform on key ABS principles so that your staff can learn how to operate in an ABS-compliant manner.

ABS-int provides e-learning modules that can be customized to be adapted to every organisation’s needs.






Our experience tells us that players within the field of natural product research come across difficulties in finding up-to-date, accurate and understandable legal information on provider countries’ ABS systems. This often results in delays within the R&D pipeline as players lack the key information to unlock the use of genetic resources in some countries. We want to change that by enabling our clients to obtain the exact information they need in order to continue their competitive innovative cycle.

ABS-int aims to improve legal certainty in the ABS system by providing up-to-date information on country frameworks. Therefore, we are currently in the process of designing our ABS Information Portal.

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