ABS-int background and expertise

ABS-int is a service provider dedicated to helping public and private sector stakeholders navigate the complex environment of international and national Access and Benefit-Sharing legislation. Developing an effective ABS system that is tailored to promote the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, fair benefit sharing, and the possibility to unlock the full R&D potential of genetic resources requires a multi-disciplinary and balanced approach. At ABS-int, we have the experience and tools to help governments establish effective ABS systems and compliance mechanisms, to help users develop compliance tools, and to assist with contract negotiations.

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of professionals with different backgrounds, including science, law, and regulatory disciplines. These professionals have years of experience providing advice to national and international governments, companies and institutions in the fields of ABS, sustainable resource management, biodiscovery, biosafety regulations, stewardship, environmental law and intellectual property law. Moreover, connected through our global network of highly credible professionals, we can cover the international dimension that is inherent to the ABS framework.