It is crucial for every organisation that deals with natural product research to have a working ABS management system in place. Our audits provide a constructive external assessment by measuring how your organisation is implementing the necessary actions that will help it achieve compliance. By performing audits, we can also prepare your organisation for an inspection by authorities aiming to check compliance with all technical and procedural requirements.

ABS-int assists academic institutions to conduct detailed audits regarding the status of collections, databases and legal documents taking into consideration the ABS rules.

ABS-int helps your company map the value chain in detail and audit contractual arrangements in light of ABS rules. Furthermore, we can increase the value of our contribution to your company by including tailor-made, case-specific clauses in the relevant contractual arrangements.


ABS obligations affect many facets of the R&D process. All scientists using genetic resources and all staff mandated to negotiate ABS-related agreements need to have an in-depth knowledge of international, regional and national ABS obligations. Every staff member who deals with natural product research needs to ensure they have the necessary permits and use proper Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) when transferring and receiving genetic resources.

ABS-int conducts training workshops that explain all ABS obligations and the practical implications for the different steps of the R&D process, and also provides the tools needed to facilitate company compliance. Moreover, ABS-int develops dedicated e-learning modules that can be used to train staff and test their competence.


The Nagoya Protocol and regional or national ABS rules create a complex regulatory framework. From the moment of access to a genetic resource up to the moment of commercialisation of a product, measures need to be taken to ensure compliance with all legal obligations. In the different steps of the research and development process, different rules apply.

ABS-int has years of sector-specific legal and regulatory expertise. We can provide you with legal and regulatory advice on all relevant rules and regulations to ensure compliant use of genetic resources. ABS-int also has access to experts in different jurisdictions to provide you with legal assistance adapted to your specific situation.

By combining relevant scientific knowledge with regulatory and legal expertise, ABS-int provides practical advice to ensure compliant use of genetic resources in your organization.



Contracts are essential instruments for the process of ensuring ABS compliant use of genetic resources.

They make it possible to substantiate compliance with the relevant legal obligations related to access and utilization of genetic resources. Furthermore, they establish the rights and obligations of both users and providers related to access and utilization. When a disagreement occurs, they also provide the tools to define responsibility and conflict resolution.

ABS-int works together with R&D, legal and regulatory departments to revise and draft agreements and other legal documents (including PIC, MAT and MTA), as well as to develop model contracts. ABS-int is supported by a strong network in many provider countries



How will you certify that a product is (or is not) related to a specific accessed genetic resource? Is your current data management system robust enough to provide diligent tracking and tracing of material when challenged?

The key to ensuring compliance is effective data management of all ABS related information. Our experience shows that organisations’ database management systems often need to be revised and updated to ensure a successful, standardised and user-friendly track and trace of genetic resources.

ABS-int helps your organisation assess your existing database and cooperates with IT companies to develop updated or new databases for an effective track and trace of ABS related information throughout the organisation.


ABS-int can integrate into R&D projects as the legal and regulatory partner. By doing so, ABS-int can take care of any topic related to legal and regulatory aspects of R&D throughout the lifespan of small and large-scale projects. Moreover, ABS-int can develop internal protocols and procedures as well as model contracts to be used by R&D partners regarding any access to genetic resources and ABS compliance within the scope of a project.